The Sofa Series

(Image courtesy of Shannon Comage)

March 7- Something special happened in Atlanta this past Saturday. In an obscure location, late at night, far from the hustle and bustle of downtown, we saw something magical happen on a stage. Fueled by positive energy, good food, spirits and southern hospitality we experienced The Sofa Series. Four women with four distinct personalities took the stage and offered four unique experiences. The smooth sounds of Veronique Musiq opened the show and set the tone for what was to come. The bubbly, funny, jazz inspired Candy Soul followed and blew us all away with her take on Crazy In Love. Beyonce Giselle would be so proud of her interpretation of the megahit. Memphis was in the house as powerhouse Tonya Dyson captivated the audience within the first few notes of a Chaka Khan classic. Moving seamlessly from song to song she took the audience on a musical joyride that seemed to end too quickly. Funny how time flies when the singing is good. What was the most magnificent surprise of all was Twin Spirit. The smiling face that welcomed me to the venue and helped me find a seat was the closer. And close she did. From the moment she hit the stage we knew whose house it was. At least for the evening. The petite vocalist's set was thoughtful and candid. Inspirational, even. Commanding our attention from start to finish, Twin Spirit owned that stage Saturday night. Sidenote: the infectious groove 'Naked' is now on repeat in my car. The background vocalists soared sweetly while DJ Funknatra kept us grooving between sets. Thank you Twin Spirit for an amazing concept with great execution. Keep shining my Aries sister, you have our support. #iPUSH
The Sofa Series
Candy Soul
Tonya Dyson
Twin Spirit