All We Wanna Do Is Take The Chains Off

There are voices and then there are, well, voices. Faith Evans is arguably one of the most talented r&b singers to ever lace a track. At times her soprano is soft like rain. Other times it is strong like…Read more

The Unstoppable Jesse Owens Legacy

History is written by those courageous enough to make a difference. Watch Stephen James bring the incredible story of gold medal champion Jesse Owens to the big screen. RACE- now playing everywhere! Watch trailer

Grace Under Pressure

Oklahoma City Thunder assistant coach Monty Williams remained poised and dignified while speaking at his wife's funeral Thursday. Ingrid Williams, 44, was killed February 10th in a car accident. The wife and mother of five was lovingly remembered by her…Read more

New Music Alert: Ledisi: Nostalgia Movement No. 1

Vocal powerhouse Ledisi has delivered a treat to her fans in the form of her latest project: Nostalgia Movement No. 1.

"The idea came about because I always see people covering the same songs over and over. I thought…

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Ain't We Lucky We Got 'Em?

BELLE MORGAN February 17, 2016

It's been 40 years in the making and the cast of Good Times has finally reunited. The surviving cast members have banded together and launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the…

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After The Love Is Gone...

BELLE MORGAN February 15, 2016

We're over it. 
Like, really, really over it.
Slights. Omissions. Oversights. Obvious bias. Anemic attempts at inclusion. Half-hearted extensions of the olive branch.
What a shame that the legacies of Natalie Cole and Maurice…

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Spend Your Own Money


BELLE MORGAN February 13, 2016

It's always interesting to learn about the origins of businesses and entrepreneurs and entertainers. How they made it to where they are now. What obstacles they had to face. Somehow those stories encourage…

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The Loss of a Legend

BELLE MORGAN February 13, 2016

The music world has lost a legend and great inspiration to many. Maurice White, founder of Earth, Wind & Fire, has passed away at the age of 74.

The Struggle Is Real

BELLE MORGAN February 11, 2016

Actress Viola Davis talks about her dad's death, her struggle with low self esteem and the realization of what matters most.